Waiting for my service passport I spent a few days on the wonderful Danish island Rømø in the North Sea.

My favourite word: Fernweh

After a short holiday break which wasn’t exactly holidays I am back now.

As I organize moving to Istanbul, I heard a song that reminded me of my favourite word ever: FERNWEH.

Fernweh is a German word that in its sense, I believe,  doesn’t exist in any other language. Into English one could translate it as “wanderlust”, “the travel bug”, “itchy feet”, or “yen to see different places”. But all these words are only periphrases, they don’t meet the real core.

Fernweh is the opposite of Heimweh, i.e. “home sickness”. Thus it is – speaking literally – “distance sickness”. It is the yearning for faraway places, the yearning to travel, to leave home and find many homes, to discover other worlds and learn to love them. It is an urge that prevents you from home sickness, but that you have to give in to to become happy. It’s not only a special word, it’s a feeling that has filled me up as long as I can think, and once again it has gained the upper hand. Like a drug. And I am dead certain that again and again it will make me extraordinarily high.

Unheilig: Fernweh

“Distant world I’m coming
I can see your lights
I have dreamed so often
To see you from afar
I can see your skies
I have dreamed so often
To stand at your shores …”

Pink days

As I’m enjoying my summer holidays, I only wish for more sunny days.

Nail Varnish: Rimmel 60 seconds - Pink Punch

Dancing down fairytale road

When I was little, I terribly cried when my mum read Sleeping Beauty to me, and the princess fell asleep for those 100 years.  I neither approved of Snow White’s, Little Red Riding Hood’s or Hansel’s and Gretel’s fate.  Except for the happy ending of course.

I didn’t like the idea of suffering agony to reach entire happiness.  As a child I rather wanted to listen to the Frog Prince, but didn’t realize until much later that my parents read the short version. King Thrushbeard wasn’t too bad either, I thought that the arrogant princess deserved the little trick they played on her.

The fairytale I liked best was Puss in Boots because there only fortune awaits the poor guy.

Over the years I have learned that fairytales are a bit exaggerated, a bit unreal, but nevertheless also a bit true. I never had the wicked stepmother, but what about my boyfriends’ mothers? Not to mention their sisters. I didn’t meet any vicious fairy, but there were mean teachers, lecturers, friends. The wolf didn’t eat me, but once a dachshund bit me, and I developed a phobia of dogs. No witch tried to cram me, but my family always told me how nicely fat I looked, and that I should take some more food. When I only weighed about 47 kg. I sometimes was the arrogant princess, but I was severely punished. No happy ending, but I guess I learned from it. I kissed probably more frogs than princes, and instead of inheriting a speaking cat I found out that if I try I can reach nearly every goal I want. And one thing is absolutely true: at the end I feel bliss – every single time, no matter how stony the way has been.

After all, fairytales nowadays have two major effects on me:

1. I am still waiting for the prince on his white horse who’ll knock at my door one day to collect me for our wedding.

2. I am extremely glad that most of the time life isn’t like in The Star Money, The Little Match Girl or The Little Mermaid. It’s far nicer to prepare for one’s personal happy ending than perishing in our magic world. Isn’t it?

Birthday present

When it comes to birthday presents, it usually takes me a while to find a nice one. Somehow it’s easier with my friend Anne. We give each other small things, and mostly hand made ones. For example shortly before Christmas she would send me a little package full of self-made yummy cookies.
This week it’s her birthday, and besides having bought her a Turkish key pendant with turtles to bring her luck, I knitted potholders for her. They are made of the same wool, but have different patterns. Thus it doesn’t get too boring, and old-fashioned. I hope she’ll like them.

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